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The East Lycoming School District is committed to providing a safe and secure learning environment for students, staff, and visitors.  Our ability to do this effectively depends on our ability to work together as a school and community.  For security purposes, the District cannot answer specific questions about what security measures are in place, but our access controls and response procedures are continuously reviewed, practiced, and revised as needed. 

The information below is provided to ensure all stakeholders are aware of basic security measures utilized by the district without compromising the physical security of our schools nor the safety of students and staff.  

At ELSD, School Safety is Priority #1

PSP completes risk and vulnerability assessments every three years. These comprehensive reports guide safety and security investments throughout the district.
Hughesville Borough PD provide a full-time officer (SRO) who's duty station is the ELSD School District. In addition to being a full-time officer, officer Boyer is NASRO certified.
Perimeter security is critical to school safety. Each school is protected by multiple layers of deterrence and prevention. These systems are checked, reviewed, and revised as needed.
Threat Assessment is the most recognized strategy for schools to identify and prevent attacks. The ELSD maintains an active Threat Assessment Team to receive, assess, monitor, and intervene with students at-risk.

School safety is a shared responsibility.  If you suspect someone may pose a risk to students, staff, or a school,call 911.  

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