The East Lycoming School Health Program has, as its primary goal, the protection, maintenance, and improvement of the health status of the school age child. Its intention is to assist the student and his/her family to obtain maximum good health primarily through preventive service. The health room doors open at 7:50 am and close when all of the students have been dismissed from school.

Parents/guardians are asked to annually complete the Emergency/Contact Card at the beginning of each school year for each student. This card should include all phone numbers/contact information in the event we need to contact someone regarding your child. When changes in contact information occur, please notify the appropriate school office immediately. Please be sure to check mark the area for permission to give or not give “standing order” medications.

Parents/guardians are encouraged to call, visit, or email the school nurses to report or discuss their child’s health concerns/problems. We look forward to a safe, happy, and healthy school year!