All students of Hughesville High School have the responsibility of planning a yearly program of studies. This responsibility should not be taken lightly. While no amount of planning and/or doing assures a future, serious concern at this time may well provide the direction of the future.

It is anticipated that as the individual schedule is prepared for its final submission, the
student will have considered:

  1. Past performances, current grades, abilities and interests.

  2. The advice and counsel of parents, teachers, and counselors.

Though subject changes may be necessary due to poor end-of-year final grades and/or summer scheduling difficulties, schedules mailed during the summer should be considered final and binding upon the student. Students will attend the first two days of classes without any schedule changes except those that need to be made because of time conflicts. After the first two days of classes, students will be allowed to make course changes, with upper classmen given
priority, using the following steps:

  1. The student must meet with the staff member who teaches that course he is dropping and receive the staff member’s signature. Signature will verify that the student/teacher meeting took place.

  2. Parents must be contacted and give permission for the course changes. This contact will be made by the teacher and may be done by phone call, written permission or personal conference.

  3. Students dropping and adding courses of different levels must schedule an appointment for parents and teacher to meet before a change is finalized.

  4. All drop-adds will take place beginning on Day 3 of classes and continue on Days 4, 5, and 6, with grade levels being assigned specific days to drop-add and upperclassmen given first priority.

  5. Any student requests after the first six days of school as noted above, which result in a course being dropped, will be noted on the student’s report card and permanent record card as a W (Withdrew) or WF (Withdrew Failing.)