Progress Reports/Report Cards


Parents and students can access grades at anytime by logging into the Sapphire student information system. Please contact the Guidance office if you need assistance.


In all instances, it is the intention of the teacher to have any grade given to be a true reflection of the student’s academic effort and not a reflection of her/his behavior, etc. Interpretation of the numerical grades is as follows:

  • 100-95 Excellent

  • 94-85 Above Average

  • 84-75 Average

  • 74-70 Below Average

  • 69-0 Failing

Physical Education / Junior High “Specials” marks are:

  • P - Pass

  • F - Fail

Report cards will be issued every nine (9) weeks, four (4) times a year. The final grade on the report card will reflect the average of the semester grades (2), or the quarterly grades (4), and the final exam averages. Report cards will be issued on the following dates: