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Greater Hughesville Business Association Scholarship

Established in 1996, our organization continually works:

  • To develop, encourage, promote and protect the commercial, industrial, financial and general business interests in the Borough of Hughesville and the immediate surrounding municipalities;
  • To promote the civic interest and the general community;
  • To extend and promote trade and commerce, and foster, develop and protect the industry of the community;
  • To encourage the development of the transportation and communication facilities and the various resources of the community;
  • To procure laws and regulations desirable for the benefit of business in general;
  • To provide a forum for the reflection of the sentiments of business regarding matters affecting its interests.

The Greater Hughesville Business Association (GHBA) Scholarship has been established to promote the business education and entrepreneurial spirit of the graduating senior class students of the East Lycoming School District (ELSD).

The core behaviors that should be exhibited by an applicant for the GHBA annual scholarship are:

  • Tenacity – Defined as not being afraid to fail, able to overcome fears that would otherwise prevent a person from “dreaming big”.
  • Passion – An entrepreneur must have a passion for what they want to be and do with their life. They are driven by it.
  • Vision – To see an opportunity and imagine something others cannot see.
  • Tolerance of Ambiguity – A risk taker, who shows no fears; the fears caused by being uncertain about succeeding.
  • Self-Belief – Self-confident, willing to take calculated chances.
  • Leadership – Ability to see the big picture. People gravitate to them because they possess a responsible and charismatic approach to getting things accomplished.
  • Service – Respectful of people’s needs in problem solving approach.

GHBA will determine the number and dollar amount of scholarships on an annual basis.

The qualifications of the scholarship winner(s) are determined by the Scholarship Committee and approved by the GHBA membership. Each student applying for the scholarship must complete the application process by the due date of the application.

A formal scholarship award certificate will be presented to the winning student(s) at commencement by school officials. Scholarship checks will be presented at the GHBA Scholarship Dinner.