Academic Hall of Fame

The Academic Hall of Fame was created in 1988 to recognize the accomplishments of Hughesville High School Alumni. Listed below are the accomplished alumni of past years. Their biographies are located in the Hughesville Jr./Sr. High School Library and to the right of each nominee.

2019 - Daniel DiRocco Biography of Daniel DiRocco

2017 – Brian Miller Biography of Brian Miller

2016 – Dr. Robert Houseknecht Biography of Dr. Robert Houseknecht

2015 – Dr. Shawn Wolf Biography of Dr. Shawn Wolf

2014 – Rebecca Chiao Biography of Rebecca Chiao

2012 – Colonel Timothy D. Haugh Biography of Colonel Timothy D. Haugh

2009 – Jonthan DeWire Biography of Jonathan DeWire

2007 – David Richards Biography of David Richards

2006 – Michael Worthington Biography of Michael Worthington

2004 – Beth Bones Wilson Biography of Beth Bones Wilson

2003 – Ronald Montgomery Biography of Ronald Montgomery

2002 – Frank Poust Biography of Frank Poust

2001 – Diane Voneida Biography of Diane Voneida

2000 – Herman Stuempfle Biography of Herman Stuempfle

1999 – Sharon Houseknecht Biography of Sharon Houseknecht

1998 – David Houseknecht Biography of David Houseknecht

1997 – George Ellison Biography of George Ellison

1996 – James DeWire Biography of James DeWire

1995 – Pauline Montgomery Biography of Pauline Montgomery

1994 – Robert Whitmoyer Biography of Robert Whitmoyer

1993 – Paul Levine Biography of Paul Levine

1992 – Doris Hess Biography of Doris Hess

1991 – John Montgomery Biography of John Montgomery

1990 – Harold Stugart Biography of Harold Stugart

1989 – Earl Keller Biography of Earl Keller

1988 – Ralph Smith Biography of Ralph Smith

To nominate a former Hughesville High School graduate for the Academic Hall of Fame, click on the form below, complete the necessary information, and return it to the East Lycoming District Office, the Hughesville High School Office, or to any committee member:

Nomination Form