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Start of school

Q - When will school be starting?
A - The first day of school for all students is August 26, 2020, the school calendar is available at: https://www.elsd.org/o/district/browse/24186

Q - Will students be required to wear mask the whole day?
A - Yes. Staff and students are required to wear a mask all day except for when they are eating or drinking. We will work with staff to create opportunities for students to daily remove their masks.

Q - What if your child cannot wear a mask?
A - Staff and students will be required to wear face coverings. If a mask cannot be worn because of a medical condition, please contact your building principal or the District Office.

Q - What are my options for returning to school?
A - The district will be returning to school for face to face instruction on August 26th. If you are concerned about your child returning to school, the district does offer online options. Please call the District Office for more information.

Q - Is the district prepared to not discipline children (especially elementary age children) if they are struggling with mask-wearing?
A - There will be no disciplinary action against students for not wearing a mask. Parents may be contacted to discuss various situations and possible solutions.

Q - What would happen if children show up not wearing a mask and parents do not want them to wear one?
A - Unless there is a medical exemption, all staff and students are required to wear a mask.

Q - Are you going to make accommodations for children with conditions such as ADHD that have a 504 in place and cannot wear a mask?
A - Yes. Please contact April Paulhamus to discuss this process.

Q - Face shields were mentioned earlier, is that an option for children instead of masks for children who are struggling with masks?
A - Yes, face shields are acceptable.

Q - Is the school district supplying masks?
A - If a student is in need of a mask, the district will provide a washable mask.

Q - So every day the child gets a fresh new mask?
A - District supplied masks are washable. The district will provide information on the proper cleaning of the mask. Students will also be provided instructions on the proper washing of masks.

Q - Will students have to wear masks while sitting at the desks learning or just while up and moving?
A - Masks are required.

Q - What about those who are hard of hearing and rely on reading lips?
A - Clear faces shields will be used in this situation.

Health and Safety Plan

Q - Will the district be transparent with information?
A - The district will continue to share information and updates through social media and the district website. Our School Reopening Plan will be posted to our district website. www.elsd.org

Q - Will any modifications to the plan be available to parents to view?
A - All modifications will be approved at a Board Meeting and be available for review.

Q - Will each school have a nurse on duty at all times?
A - All buildings will be staffed with a nurse for the entirety of the day.

Q - Will student belongings be sanitized when they come in every day.
A - The district will not be sanitizing student belongings when they enter the buildings.

Q - Some people need thermometers, are you passing them out since you want temperatures checked?
A - Currently, the district will provide a thermometer if your child qualifies for a free or reduced lunch.

Q - Is outside agency support staff considered essential?
A - Outside agencies are considered to be essential.

Positive tests

Q - When will the district release the notification plan if a student or teacher were to test positive for COVID?
A - If a student or teacher tests positive, the Department of Health will be immediately notified. All students in the building will be notified of a positive COVID test, while maintaining confidentiality. The Department of Health will directly contact the parents whose children came in direct contact with the positive individual.

Q - Will the school building or a portion of the building (depending on which building) close for a period of time if there is a positive test result in their building?
A - Yes. It will not be reopened until a deep cleaning occurs.

Q - Is the district preparing a contingency plan for remote learning if Gov. Wolf delays the beginning of the school year as a result of the continued growth of positive tests throughout the state?
A – Yes.

Q - If the kids were to get it, who is responsible for the hospital bill and pay when all have to be quarantined and tested for it?
A - A parents’ medical insurance.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Q - What is the plan for the band? What is the plan for choir? How can these students social distance? A saxophone player can’t wear a mask.
A - We are working closely with the Music Department to develop guidelines for return.

Q - If the student does the ELSD online school can they still participate in ELSD sports?
A – Yes.


Q - Is there a fee to make payments to the lunch accounts online? 
A - Yes, there is a fee to make deposits.

Q - My daughter would like to know how lunch is going to work for the cafeteria when it is filled and students are sitting right next to one another and they would have to take their masks off to eat.
A - At the High School, the cafeteria and Gymnasium will be used as lunch rooms with students seated at one side of the table only and socially distanced. The elementary schools will be using additional lunch periods as well as additional space to create social distancing.

Q - In previous school years, Ashkar allowed parents to drop off their children at 7:30am. Children waited in the cafeteria until they could go to their classroom. Will this procedure still stand?
A - All district buildings will open at 7:30am for breakfast. We ask that anyone not needing to arrive at 7:30am, delay their arrival to 7:45am.


Q - Will ELSD provide an online version of school for the families who don’t want to send their kids to the brick and mortar school?
A – Yes.

Q - Will there be an at-home learning option if a student is required to quarantine or need to stay home due to sickness.
A - If a student is required to stay home because of illness or quarantine, the district will provide assignments.

Q - How do the days missed work, if we have to keep them home for a fever or cough?

A - We will have liberal attendance policies.

Q - If a student is attending the Spartan Academy will they be able to participate in Lyco’s CTC?
A – Yes.


Q - What if Tom Wolf continues the limit of 25 people by when school starts?
A - We are surveying parents to determine the number of parents that will be transporting their children. We will rebalance buses using this information. School buses are not included in the restriction of 25.


Q - Is there a copy of the board meeting notes?
A - The Board minutes are posted online once they are approved at the next month’s board meeting.

Q - When is there a 7th-grade orientation?
A - We are currently formalizing plans on how a 7th Grade orientation can occur.

Q - Will there be “Latch Key” by the YMCA at Ashkar?
A - We do not have plans to discontinue this program.