East Lycoming School District

2018-19 Proposed Final General Fund Budget

The 2018-19 Proposed Final General Fund Budget of the East Lycoming School District was acted upon by the School Board on May 22, 2018 and totals $25,626,889.

The budget represents a variance of $158,000 (.63%) as compared to the 2017-18 budget with the variance being attributed to the following four main areas:

Salary & Wages: $102,000
Health Insurance: $87,000
PA School Retirement System: $123,000
Debt Service: ($209,000)

For the district to meet its fiscal responsibilities, the Real Estate Tax Rate will increase to 13.94 mills representing a .44 mill increase or 3.26%.

Based on the district’s 5-year fiscal plan, the district will use $600,000 of committed fund balance to offset the impact of the retirement system increase and resulting budget deficit.

The proposed local taxes for the School District’s 2018-19 fiscal year are as follows:

Real Estate Tax: 13.94 mills
Earned Income Tax: 1.20%Real Estate Transfer Tax: .50%