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A Message from the Superintendent
Dual Enrollment Information:

In the past few years, the East Lycoming School District has made great strides in offering “Dual Enrollment” classes to our juniors and seniors.  As you look over the selection of courses for your son or daughter for next year, you will notice that we now offer over 60 college level credits from three universities and community colleges.  What are “Dual Enrollment” classes?  It would be easiest to think of them as low cost, or in some cases no cost, college credits that students can take while still attending Hughesville High School.  These credits will transfer right into your child’s college program.  For example, if your child decided to go to Slippery Rock University to major in Business Administration, their four year degree may be a total of 120 credits.  Within that 120 credits are courses directly related to their major, such as Business Law 101 or International Business Contracts.  Usually, these major specific courses account for 69-82 credits in a degree program.  The additional credits that are needed to reach the 120 credits required for graduation are considered electives, liberal arts courses or required “General Education” courses.  These courses can include anything from composition to a basic computer or science class. 

This is where Dual Enrollment courses offer a great benefit.  Your son or daughter can take courses at Hughesville High School that count in their degree program.  Take three dual enrollment courses, and you will have nine credits to transfer into your college program.  If you plan ahead, you may actually be able to complete almost a years’ worth of college credit while still in high school. 

A question that is always asked is, “does it really save me money?”  The answer is yes.  Three credits, with fees, in the Pennsylvania State University System for the 2013-2104 year cost $1228.00.  The same three credits through our Dual Enrollment Program would range from $0 to $300.  If your child takes five courses over a two year period, the savings would range from $4,640 to $6,140.  Instead of needing 120 credits to graduate, they will only need 105 credits.

 As always, we encourage you to be a good consumer.  If you google “Pennsylvania Transfer and Articulation Center” you can select the name of the course your child will be taking, along with the University that they will be attending and the system will tell you if the credits will be accepted.  If the school your child is considering applying to is not on the list, give the university a call and ask directly.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised by their response.

If you would like to hear from students and parents that have been involved in our Dual Enrollment program in the past, take a few minutes and watch the video below.  Hopefully you will find our Dual Enrollment program to be educationally and financially beneficial.  If you have any question, feel free to call your child’s guidance counselor or myself.

Michael Pawlik
Superintendent of Schools