Spartan Notification System Contact Update

Please Note: The School District is not responsible for the accuracy of information that is updated, all entries are automatically approved and will be used in the event the School District uses the Spartan Notification System.

The East Lycoming School District uses the One Call Now parent notification system for closings, delays and emergencies. If you have a student who is currently enrolled in our district, you are automatically enrolled using the primary contact phone number we have in our Student Information System. If you would like to add additional contact information (work phone, email addresses, cell phone etc…)  to your child’s account, please select a building below. The form will ask you for the student’s last name as well as their 5 digit student ID, then you will be able to add additional contact information.

Hughesville Junior/Senior High School 
Ashkar Elementary School
Ferrell Elementary School 
Renn Elementary School 

If you have any questions, please contact:

Adam Creasy | Director of Technology
East Lycoming School District