Use of Facilities & Rental Forms

The application and the rental agreement must be returned to the office of the building administrator of the building to be used.


  1. Groups must provide a Certificate of Insurance naming East Lycoming School District as an additional
    insured. Minimum combined single limit of general liability for bodily injury and property damage of
  2. Groups requesting the use of school facilities will be notified when approval is granted by receiving a copy of this application. If rental is charged, the rental agreement form must be completed and signed following initial review of your request by a school official.
  3. After facilities are used, the applicant will be billed for and will be liable for all applicable charges plus any damage caused by the group.
  4. The school district reserves the right to approve or deny any request for the use of school facilities for whatever it deems appropriate.
  5. User holds the school district harmless from all claims for injury to or the death of any person, and for damage to or the loss of any property arising out of or attributed directly or indirectly to the operations or omissions of the school district. User indemnifies the school district for all damage to property belonging to the school district and for all injuries to or deaths of any representative or employees of the school district resulting from all acts or omissions of user.
Request Form
Use of Facilities Form
*School District policies have different rental agreements for profit and non-profit activities.
Rental Agreement
Use of Facilities Rental Agreement
any additional hours of custodial, kitchen, and/or security service will be charged according to the prevailing wage agreement. Payment must be received at the Business Office within ten (10) working days after the receipt of the invoice.
The undersigned further agrees to be responsible for instructing other persons in the organization to abide by the general regulations as set up for the facility to be used.