East Lycoming School District

2017-18 Preliminary General Fund Budget

The 2017-18 Preliminary General Fund Budget of the East Lycoming School District was adopted by the School Board on February 14, 2017 and totals $25,594,133. A February preliminary budget is required for the district to apply for exceptions as provided in Act 1 of 2006. The district will apply for the retirement contribution and special education exceptions.

As outlined in the district’s five-year financial forecast, the district will be using committed fund balance (savings) in the amount of $600,000 to balance the 2017-18 budget. Committed fund balance will be used over each of the next five years to phase in the increase in retirement contributions and minimize the need for higher local real estate taxes.

As adopted, the budget represents a total increase of $846,941 or 3.42% over the current year’s budget. The expenditure increases are accounted for in the following main categories:

  • Salary and Wages: $269,689
  • Healthcare Expense: $169,750
  • PA School Retirement System Contribution: $329,783
  • Professional Services: $60,132

For the district to meet its fiscal responsibilities, the Real Estate Tax Rate will increase to 13.96 mills for the 2017-18 Preliminary General Fund Budget representing a .90 mill increase or 6.89%. This increase serves solely as a starting point in the budget process and will be reduced based on revised revenue and expenditure estimates until the final budget is passed in June.

The preliminary local taxes for the 2017-18 fiscal year are as follows:

  • Real Estate Tax 13.96 mills
  • Earned Income Tax 1.20%
  • Real Estate Transfer Tax .50%