Please contact fundraising committee members for information beyond what is on this site.

Bertie Fisher, Chairperson
Phone: (570) 279-6693

The Band Boosters provide a variety of fundraisers throughout the year to help members of the band raise money for in their respective accounts. The money raised may be used for expenses such as clothing (i.e. show t-shirts), shoes, and trips. Band members are not required to participate in every fundraiser, although you are more than welcome. By offering a variety we can track which fundraisers raise good profits for the Band Boosters and Band members. If a band member continues to raise small amounts in their account it helps in eliminating a “large” cost should the band be planning a trip.

Please note: The Band Boosters strongly requests that all payments for Fundraisers be made in the form a check. Please do not send “Cash” to school to pay for fundraisers. The “No Cash” policy is for everyone’s benefit. It eliminates the chance of “cash” being lost or stolen and the payment is securely documented by the Booster organization. People purchasing items from fundraisers are welcome to make payment in the form of a check made out to “HHS Band Boosters”. You can include the check(s) with your order form.

Current Fundraisers: (TBA)

Future Fundraisers: (TBA)