I hope you have been able to enjoy your summer with your children and are anticipating another great school year!  On August 24th, we will be welcoming back over 1600 students, and, although it may be hard to believe, this year we will be welcoming the “Class of 2030” into our district!

There are a few changes for this school year that I would like to share with you. At the Jr./Sr. High School, the office will now be located directly off of the main lobby. As you enter into the lobby area, the office will be located directly to the right. In the new office area, there is a convenient service window where parents will be able to quickly drop off anything that their child may need without walking into the center of the school. We are hoping that this change will not only increase security in the building but also save parents time when dropping items off for their children. Because of the office relocation, we are asking that all students use the main lobby entrance to enter and leave school.

Another change that we are making at the Jr./Sr. High School level is to avoid the cost of mailing items home to parents and making access to these items digital, and more timely. Through your “Parent Portal,” you will be able to view documents like your child’s schedule and grades. We will no longer be mailing these items home. If you need, or prefer, paper copies sent home, please contact the High School office to make arrangements. If you do not already have access to the parent portal, please click the “Community Web Portal” link under the site shortcuts section of the www.elsd.org web page. Please select the “Create a web portal account” on the page to sign up. Once your account has been created, the district will approve it, and you will be notified via email of your pin number.

If you take advantage of our fitness facility, which is open to all ELSD residents for $1.00/year, you have already noticed that our track has been renovated.  We take much pride in our facilities, and our track looks fantastic. This renovation will guarantee a quality, low maintenance.

Finally, we would like to welcome Cori Cotner as our new Director of Curriculum and Instruction. Cori comes to us with a great deal of experience in education. She served as an administrator at BLaST IU 17, and more recently, as a consultant for the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

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From award winning academic programs to state of the art STEM programs and quality athletic opportunities to well-recognized art programs, the East Lycoming School District has a lot to offer. Thank you for your support.

Michael D. Pawlik
Superintendent of Schools